Encouraging People to Shop Locally to Keep Our High Streets Alive

Shop Local was started by The Stonehenge Chamber of Trade as an awareness campaign.  To highlight when money is spent in local shops run by local people a much higher percentage of that money would be reinvested locally.


  • To promote independent bricks and mortar businesses owned by people in the community.

  • To encourage shoppers to redirect some of the money they would normally spend in the supermarket to local shops and help keep the money they spend in the local economy.

  • To help keep the local economy and high streets alive.

What is Shop Local and how do I join?

Shop Local is a scheme that encourages people to quite simply shop local and help to keep our high streets alive.  There are several participating businesses in and around Amesbury and Durrington.

Pick up a card and each time you use one of the participating businesses get your card stamped. Once you have collected ten stamps hand back your card to be entered into the monthly draw and a chance to win £100 cash.  The draw takes place on the 28th of each month and you can enter as many completed cards as you like.

You can hand your completed card in to any participating business and hold onto those incomplete cards simply entering them when all ten stamps collected.

Research has shown that for every £1 spent with a local supplier, 76p was reinvested into the local economy, compared to only 36p if it is spent out of the area. In addition, money spent with an online-only store nothing goes back to the local community!

Where Can I Get My Card Stamped?

You can get your card stamped at the following shops: